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10 Extremely Important Questions To Ask In Your Client Brief

10 Extremely Important Questions To Ask In Your Client Brief
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The creative brief is the first step in the logo design process. Or any creative design process. Good design depends on the level of detailed information you aquire with your client questionnaire. The following 10 questions will give you a lot of information and ideas at your next design project. By asking multiple questions you increase your chances to find a great concept to work with and an excellent design solution. Just remember, these are basic but very important questions. You can add them to your questionaire. They will help you through your next design project.

Ask the following:

1. What Are Your Business Objectives?

What are your client’s logic and purpose for a new design project.

2. What Is The Company Mission And Vision?

The more details you know abut the company, the better. This can provide you with deeper, important information which can help you to exactly convey the brand’s message and core values.

3. How Would You Like To Be Perceived By Others?

Crucial in determining the design style.

4. Who Is Your Primary Target Market?

This is based on demographics (age, education, income, etc). Also important to find out about their lifestyles, likes and dislikes.

5. What Does Your Company Offer To Your Target Market That Others Do Not?

The question determins the competitive advantage they have over their competitors. This answer can make your design stand out from the rest.

6. What Do You Want Your Design To Say About You?

This question provides insight into the clients values about what their brand stands for.

7. What Keywords Best Describe Your Business?

Provide them with various options and some writing space (in case they want to add their own). These are the keywords I currently use (traditional, established, edgy, strong, enthusiastic, unique, high-tech, integrity, fun, serious, original, modern, luxurious, professional, etc.)

8. Which Designs You Like And Dislike? Name A Few.

Although you may have great solutions, sometimes a clients personal taste can get in the way of great design. The best thing to do is educate your client on what makes a good design.

9. Which Colors Do You Like And Dislike?

Add their favorite color in the project, but only if appropriate.

10. What Is The Time-Frame?

A shorter time span will require your complete attention. The more time you will have to spend on this project, less time you will have for other work. This question will help you know how much to charge the client, based on urgency.

Which questions do you normally ask your clients?

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